Family Friendly Movie: The Sound of Music

Family Friendly Movie The Sound of MusicBye bye pizza, beer & football, hello family friendly movie?

My Friday nights prior to being a parent normally consisted of a few beers, a pizza and a healthy dose of Friday night football. What code you ask? What team? To be truthful, it didn’t really matter. I like all codes of football, most brands of beer, and pizza, well it’s pizza and I loved any opportunity that allowed me to combine the three.

I was not giving up these bastions of manhood for anyone or anything – or at least I thought so at that time. Fast forward a few years, add in a wife, a five and a six-year old daughter and not only has Friday Night Football taken a backseat, last week it took a backseat to possibly the most girly of all girly movies ever made — The Sound of Music.

So what makes this worth writing about? We’ll it turns out this movie has a terrific message within the plot. If you haven’t seen or heard of it, I’d be surprised, but here is a really quick synopsis for those who haven’t. A recently widowed ex-naval Captain in Austria takes on a new nanny, Maria – an ex-nun, too spirited for any convent, to look after his over-disciplined children. The rebellious children first reject Maria then learn to love her free-spirited nature because Maria introduces art and freedom to the youth-deprived children and eventually their father as well. The Captain does not agree with Austria’s position in the war, and he and his family must flee from the Nazis who want to tear his family, newly invigorated with love and joy thanks to Maria, apart.

The great message for any father or parent for that matter becomes apparent near the end of the story. Without setting off a spoiler alert, the father finally starts to understand what he has been missing out on by not spending time with his children and falls back in wonderment with them, if that makes sense? What father could resist his children? I am not sure, as I am completely entranced by mine. Children are an amazing gift and worth cherishing as much and as often as possible, especially before they go through that resistive phase known as adolescence.

Did I like it? Although every fibre of my manly-ness is telling me to say no or to at least leave it unsaid, I am man enough to say that I did in fact enjoy the movie, maybe even as much as my three girls did (wife included) and it’s definitely worth a watch. After all, who could not enjoy 174 minutes of hanging out with their family and hearing little (and big) munchkin voices mumbling their way through the lyrics of ‘doe a deer…’




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