Don’t Get Rich Quick (Part Two)

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Check out part one of this article for tips on how to spot spammers and scammers.  Right, we’ve covered content manager and social media assistant, heres three more online jobs that are 100% legit, 100% in demand and self-teachable!

SEO Assistant

SEO is about creating links and profiles on the internet.  It’s boring.  It’s time consuming.  It’s a bit tricky to understand at first but once you do, it’s pretty simple.  Mostly you spend your days Googling, reading blogs, filling in forms and approaching bloggers to publish content.  You’ll need to teach yourself the basics of backlinking but once you can do the essentials (all simple) you can start working pretty much straight away.

You’ll need to read up on SEO and then build yourself a little website to practice on.  This can be done pretty simply and very cheaply with a good quality WordPress theme (from about $150).  Once you have done your reading, you can use your site to promote your services to small businesses.  SEO companies make from $500 to tens of thousands a month.  For a basic service of say 30 links a month (around 3 hours a month) you can charge upwards of $200 – so $66 an hour and regular income every month without selling to new customers –  so it’s well worth learning!

Virtual Assistant

Got amazing Excel skills? Can you Photoshop?  Can you use Mailchimp? Are you a whiz on MYOB?  Virtual Assistants are all the rage in the very small business world.  Providing a handful of admin skills to a selection of small businesses adds up and before you know it, you’ll have a full week!  This work tends to be ongoing and you make more money if you can do a few specialty things quite well.  If you can upload a Facebook page, do basic Photoshopping and run Mailchimp mail outs you’re essentially a whole online marketing department to a very small business.  If all you offer is word processing, you may struggle a bit more to find clients.  The standard rate for ongoing work for a personal assistant is $20 – $30 an hour.  It won’t make you rich but it will cover some bills, from home.

Writer, graphic designer, web designer, multimedia artist!

Yep, in the history of mankind, there has never been a better time to better time to be an artist, well, a commercial artist anyway.  There is SO MUCH WORK out there for good quality website and graphics designers, website content writers, clever programmers, video editors and the like.  Learning to knock together cheap and cheerful YouTube videos from still images is extremely easy and you can charge $100 each for them (making it about $50 an hour).  Setting up WordPress templates is pretty simple and you can charge up to $100 an hour for it.  Writing good quality articles will earn you around $30 an hour and good web copy $100 an hour.  Computer coding can earn you $200 an hour. Graphic and web designers get up to $150 an hour…. But again, it’s all about finding referral partners who can send you clients without the hassle of always searching.

The thing to remember when considering a work from home business is that there will always be work to do that you cannot bill for.  These hours, if not kept under control can reduce your hourly rate to a very depressing pittance.  That’s why being able to make contacts and get work from them will make all the difference.



Dana Flannery

Creative Director at Talk About Creative
Dana Flannery is the Creative Director at .Talk About Creative is an online marketing firm that started as a one-woman work at home business and quickly grew.Now there are 23 women, working from home as writers, social media managers and online marketers.Dana attributes a lot of her success to Facebook and referral partners.

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