Don’t Get Rich Quick (Part One)

work-from-homeFive Work At Home Business Ideas that Won’t Make You Rich Quick

So, you want to work at home.  You want to run your own business.  You want to make up the mortgage and bills without working for the man.  In a world full of telecommuting-remote-working-freelance-everythings surely there’s a plethora of authentic work from home opportunities knocking on a door such as yours?

So why do they all sound like get rich quick scams?

You really do have to turn up the “bulldust meter” when reading through work from home ads.  Everyone wants you to get rich quick but nobody wants to tell you how.  Everyone wants you to earn big dollars from home but nobody seems to want you to earn a reasonable hourly rate from home….What’s going on?

There are a few home truths you need to accept if you want to start a profitable home business.

  • Handmade is rarely profitable.  Even if you can sell your wares, the time put in to hand making negates the profit you make.
  • Anything that promises you BIG dollars without THOROUGH details, is 99% likely to be a scam. Don’t bother.
  • Legitimate franchise sellers have a physical address and land line number
  • If you make $200,000 part time from home, you don’t need to advertise by taping cardboard to street signs
  • Using the skills you use in the workplace is the best way to make a little biz for yourself
  • Learning a single, in-high-demand online skill will make you a good solid hourly rate – but you have to upskill yourself and be ready to learn.
  • Partnering with other businesses for referral work may mean a lower hourly rate but not having to sell all day easily makes up for that.
  • The admin will drive you nuts.
  • Overheads will include, at a bare minimum, Professional Indemnity insurance ($700 – $1000 per year), business name and URL registration and some graphic design for your Facebook page.  The rest can come as you grow.

Five Work At Home Businesses In High Demand

Content Manager

Content management is the boring part of any web designer’s job.  They do the pretty designs and whatnot and then someone has to manually load all that content into the website and format it.  It’s boring and time consuming and web designers hate it, small business owners don’t know how to do it well and most website writers don’t offer it as part of their service.

You’ll need to teach yourself how to use programs like WordPress and Joomla.  You’ll need to learn content optimisation and on page SEO (Google it).  You’ll need to be super organised, have reasonable literacy skills and you’ll be able to charge around $50 an hour.

Social Media Assistant

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and all the other social platforms are great for hanging out with your mates but even better for exposing your brand. Social media for business is a bit different to posting pictures of your breakfast and telling stories about your kids but, not that much different.

You’ll need to set up your own Facebook page, Twitter Profile, YouTube Channel and all the rest of them and teach yourself HOW to do it by promoting your own services. This is harder than you think unless you’re rather good at “working a room” – get into networks, get referral business and go go go.  Social management is usually charged per month, if you’re just going to be doing content sourcing and replying on walls, you can expect between $250 and $500 per month per social platform, per client.  It adds up but it is time consuming.

Be sure to check out part two next week for three more work from home business ideas that won’t make your rich quick but will certainly pay the bills!



Dana Flannery

Creative Director at Talk About Creative
Dana Flannery is the Creative Director at .Talk About Creative is an online marketing firm that started as a one-woman work at home business and quickly grew.Now there are 23 women, working from home as writers, social media managers and online marketers.Dana attributes a lot of her success to Facebook and referral partners.

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