Quality Time = Date Night or Boy’s Night Out!

father-daughter-quality-timeQuality over quantity wins every time

As you probably now know, here at School Hours we believe that children spell love T-I-M-E.  Over time we have also established that just spending time with your children is not enough, particularly if you are still fiddling with your iPhone, watching TV or are just generally distracted, as most of us are these days.  Quality time is what our kids are really craving and there’s no real secret to having it other than you just need to ensure when you do, your focus is on them and them alone.

To provide this special time for our two girls, we introduced a ‘date night’ in our family.  Before you get too excited, it’s not your traditional ‘couple’ date of a candlelight dinner and a movie; it’s a date night with each of our girls.  We aim for one every few months and it’s one-on-one time with mum taking one girl and dad taking the other. If you are blessed with a little man in your family, then date night could be with Mum and it could be a boy’s night out with Dad.

Our five-year-old Libby usually asks to go to Sea World, until I explain to her that it’s closed on Friday nights, so she quickly suggests Cold Rock or Baskin Robbins.  Our seven-year-old Layla loves a game night with board games.  Afterward we head home to brag about the respective fun we have had with each other.  It could be as simple as watching a movie at home, walking to your local 7-Eleven for a Slurpee or an arts and craft activity, as long as it’s all about them.

One of my fondest memories when I was young involved me heading out with mum on a special dinner with friends.  She took me solo, leaving my two younger sisters behind – it was the original mum fun night!  I vividly remember how special I felt doing this with my mum and it’s something we hope our children will remember when we spend this time with them.

How you decide to spend your quality time with your own children will be up to you, what’s important is that you have regular time set-aside for them and that the time is all about them.  This will allow you to talk and communicate with your kids, build up their self-esteem, and to give them guidance.  So put down your iPhone, turn off the TV and start planning a date night or boy’s night out with your child.



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