Creating Your Own Space When Working From Home

work-from-homeWhen working from home, having a work-only space is very important

Working from home is becoming more and more common as the power of the internet grows as well as the increasing reliability of communication networks.

But working from home shouldn’t be about working from the kitchen table or in the corner of the spare room with junk piled up around you. This set up exposes you to constant interruption; it does not allow for productivity and will definitely not help you focus on the tasks at hand.

Unfortunately though, this is the best (and only) option for many people who work from home due to lack of space.

There is however one option that you could consider, something you may never have thought of, a way to create a home office completely separate to the house – a shipping container!

Shipping containers are an economical and smart option for home office spaces. They can even be prepped and ready for you with lights, doors, flooring and air-conditioning.

So once you have your shipping container office, what else will you need to make a productive workspace? Here are some ideas:

A desk

It’s likely that if you’ve been sharing your workspace with others in the home, you’ll want one of these all to yourself. Make sure it’s big enough for your computer but not so big that you have to move or reach to get something.  Everything should be in arms reach.


Don’t let the lighting be an afterthought in your shipping container office. Lighting is not only about setting the mood but ensuring it is optimal for good vision and fewer eyestrains and headaches.

Try having a combination of natural light from a window, some mood lighting such as small lamps and a task light on your desk to offer more focused light for the task you are working on.

When placing your lighting in the shipping container office, ensure that it does not cause any glare or shadows as these can also be a cause of eyestrain. You may also want to invest in window coverings to control natural light when it becomes too bright.


Introducing greenery into your home office is the next best thing to working outdoors. It is said that if you can’t work outdoors, bring the outdoors indoors.  Plants in your office will also help with air quality inside the shipping container. 

Set rules

Even though your new home office will be separate from the family home, it’s very likely that you will have the occasional visitor. The best thing to do is communicate your work hours to your family and let them know when you’ll be in your office.

It’s also a good idea to hang a sign on your office door asking not to be disturbed when you require complete quiet.  It can be hard to separate work and life when working from home, but setting ground rules makes it a lot easier.

Storage solutions

Now that you’ve got a new workspace away from the spare room or kitchen table, embrace it and make sure it remains clutter free.  Install storage solutions like shelving, filing cabinets and drawers so you can store away folders, books and paperwork. Allow yourself to have a clear space that is inviting and promotes productivity.

Even when working from home, a comfortable work space is important. A shipping container is the perfect answer to creating a new space where space may be an issue and allows for customisation to suit the needs of your home office.


Michael Hockam

Director at Tiger Containers
Michael is from Tiger Containers.Tiger/TYNE containers have been in the industry for more than 30 years and have established a great reputation in both depot storage and container sales.

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