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because i'm happyTen tips to get that “I’m happy” feeling more often

I read an article a few weeks back called “10 Simple Habits Proven to Make You Happier” and it resonated with me.  I’m happy most of the time already, but I wanted to find out if I could be any happier, were there better ways to get happy, etc.  Low and behold I found that I already do a lot of things on the list; great!

The article gives 10 psychologically proven tips to make you happier and I found each and every tip provided to be really powerful (these guys know their stuff).  At the end of the article, they also focus on self-acceptance, which I think is an area that let’s us all down at times.

Here’s the list along with the ratings each tip/action received:

Giving: do things for others — 7.41
Relating: connect with people — 7.36
Exercising: take care of your body — 5.88
Appreciating: notice the world around — 6.57
Trying out: keep learning new things — 6.26
Direction: have goals to look forward to — 6.08
Resilience: find ways to bounce back — 6.33
Emotion: take a positive approach — 6.74
Acceptance: be comfortable with who you are — 5.56
Meaning: be part of something bigger — 6.38

What are your faves? For me giving, exercising, directionresilience and acceptance are the big ones.  While I resonate with all of the items on the list, the aforementioned five have been particularly beneficial to me; I’m sure without these my life would have derailed time and time again, especially after kids came along.

Did you read it?  What did you think?  I hope it was helpful for you.  Now for the hard part, how do you go about instilling these habits into your children?  And early on in life too? A few seem to be taking, but there is still a lot work to be done, always a lot of work…


Want to read the whole article? Check it out here.

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