Beat Procrastination: Put your shoes on!

beat procrastinationIf you’re a clown, what do you have to do before you ‘step into the role’?  Put on your clown suit and paint your face!  If you’re a motorcyclist, what do you have to do before you can jump on your bike?  Put your leathers and helmet on!  If you’re a runner, what do you have to do before you go for a run? Put your shoes on!

For things that are challenging, taking the first step is always the hardest!  Often we build things up in our mind to a point where we can’t beat procrastination; we simply get stuck and find it difficult to move forward.  Obviously such behaviour is unfavourable when you need to get things done.  It’s easy to do things that you enjoy or feel passionate about, however it’s the things that are difficult to do because of lack of experience, lack of knowledge or through fear of rejection or failure where the challenges usually are!

So, what can you do when you get stuck and your resistance is cause for procrastination when it comes to important things?  Or, what can you do when challenges consistently arise in the same area?  Your challenge might be difficulty being consistent with disciplining your children, or you may want to earn money from creating your own business, or, you might find it hard do exercise, it might be tricky for you to get started to clear the clutter and get organised.  Whatever your issue it’s not likely you can afford to procrastinate when things get hard!  That’s when it’s time to put your shoes on!

As for a running or exercising, you may have great intentions; you get out of bed early with the aim of going through on what you committed to yourself the night before… BUT, it’s cloudy, one of the kids had a restless night and you’re feeling tired… if you don’t take the first step of putting your shoes on when you’re having those thoughts, chances of you actually going for a run are extremely slim!  And, your chance of going for a run if you’re dressed to do so dramatically increases!  To avoid negative talk trying to justify to yourself why you shouldn’t do things…. It’s during these times that you need ‘shoes’ to help moving you forward.

Determine your main obstacles and establish a trigger you can use to get you into the ‘mental space’ to overcome those obstacles.  This will be your plan to choose action instead of procrastination.  What is a very simple but effective step you can take to move your mindset from a negative to a positive one?  Baby steps are better than no steps at all, and baby step after baby step equals progress!  For example, as a Mum in business my trigger is to put my ‘work uniform’ on to switch from Mum to Business Mum.  I have committed to make one contact a day to help move my business forward. One contact a day takes very little time and effort yet after 30 days you have contacted 30 people, after 60 days you have contacted 60 people, and so on!  What’s more, once you’ve made one contact, it makes it much easier to make another contact, for instance, once you pick up the phone and make a call, you realise it’s not as bad as you thought so while you’re at it you may as well make another!  But, if you get a negative response that knocks you back, you have achieved your commitment for the day and know that tomorrow is a new day to try again…

Every little step to take on the hard things gives you confidence to keep moving forward.  The more often you take those steps the greater your rewards will be.  Your trigger may be a message on the mirror, a daily reminder on your phone, putting on a certain item of clothing.  Can you create a special ‘apron’ to put on to help ‘cook up’ whatever you’re trying to achieve?  What are your ‘running shoes’ going to look like?  What is it going to take for you to move forward more easily?  Determine a trigger, put it into action, beat procrastination and get running your life!


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Kerry Townsend

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