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School Hours is a website that helps explain “Family Friendly Employment” for both parents and employers, among others.  At School Hours we see “Family Friendly Employment” as any role that offers a good amount of flexibility as standard.  At School Hours we use the term ‘flexible’ pretty loosely and it could be:

  • full time vacancy with flexible start/finish times
  • a 4 day week or even a 9 day fortnight
  • a fly-in-fly-out mining placement
  • a job-sharing role
  • a telecommuting opportunity
  • a part-time opportunity
  • a casual, seasonal, or temporary appointment

Whichever category a vacancy falls into, as long as it provides a job opportunity that can be filled by a parent and can work with the schedule of the family, then it’s a family friendly employment opportunity.  We want to help jobseeking parents identify these opportunities and parents already employed in less flexible roles to help bring about change their current positions.  

Created for parents, by parents

School Hours started as an idea we had late in 2010 when we noticed the flexibility we were offered in our roles was not common in most workplaces across Australia.  The research began and it soon became apparent that being able to maintain a professional career whilst also having the flexibility to raise a family was not something that most Australian parents were able to achieve.  

We share a strong passion to change this trend, so we set about creating School Hours so we could help working parents identify those “Family Friendly” employers out there.  The most exciting aspect of the journey we’re embarking on is that we are in the business of helping people, something we’ve both always been extremely passionate about.

We are excited about helping like-minded parents find employment opportunities that allow them to achieve a good balance between earning a living and raising their children and we’re equally as excited about helping Australian Employers connect with the parent market.  When offered a little flexibility, parents are among the best employees any employer could hope for – hardworking, dedicated, loyal and efficient.


If you haven’t already seen it, be sure to check out our resource areas.  There is one for parentsjobseekersemployers and recruiters and one completely dedicated to family friendly employment.

See you in School Hours!

Leigh & Yasmin Grigaliunas


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