8 Tips to be Memorable in a Job Interview

be memorable in a job interview

Being memorable in a job interview is your key to success

Every one of us has, at one time or another had to face the agony of the interview.  You only have a limited amount of time to present yourself as the best candidate for the job. Therefore, you need to make it memorable – you need to make sure that you shine and stand out as a candidate that they will remember.

If you want to ensure that your interview is memorable for the right reasons make sure that you include these tips when you go for your next interview:

  1. Preparation – do your research on the job and the company. Highlight what knowledge, experience or personal ability will benefit the company.
  2. Anticipate the answers – prepare thoroughly for expected questions and practice question answering technique for the unexpected.  Don’t be so intent on giving your prepared answers that you don’t answer the actual question asked.  Listen carefully, pause to think, and answer to impress.  Often asked questions you may want to prepare for:

– Where do you want to be in 5 years?

– What are your weaknesses?

  1. Be ready with some appropriate questions – these can leave an impression with the interviewer of your enthusiasm and motivation.
  2. Most people do not rehearse properly for interviews. If they do it at all it is half-hearted and not sincere. They get their reward for this when they enter the interview room to find that their brains have just turned to mush.

Winners have a high degree of self-motivation, and a determination to succeed.  This does not come from outside, but is generated from inside the person.  Success is almost totally dependent on planning, preparation and personality. You can plan for your interview, and prepare for your interview and you can work on confidence becoming part of your personality.

  1. First impressions count – decisions are sometimes made in the first minute or so of the interview. Consider what the job entails and the type of work you will be doing – and dress accordingly. Act and look confident from the time you enter the building to the time you leave.
  1. Answering questions: listen to the question, if you are unsure of what has been asked – clarify. It is much better to clarify rather than answer the question you thought you heard rather than the question that has been asked. Pause and think about the answer, then structure your answer so that is concise, coherent and clear. Use the following formula to shine:

– Point  –  your main idea or opinion.

– Reason-  why it is important or relevant.

– Example – personalise your answer.

– Restate the Point – briefly recap your answer

  1. Be prepared for scenario / hypothetical questions.  They can be very broad and often start with: What would you do if….?  Don’t fall into the trap of trying to answer these questions generally.  Set the parameters of your answer eg.  You may say – given these circumstances, with these resources and at this time this is what I would do – however, if any one of those change then my response would change.
  2. Interviewers judge as much by what they see as what they hear.  So watch your posture, your eye contact and your gestures. Make sure you give the impression that you want to be there and that you are the only suitable person for the job.  Ensure you maintain eye contact with the interviewer/s.  Rightly or wrongly, an assumption is often made that an inability to look the interviewer in the eye is a lack of sincerity or truthfulness. If you are uncomfortable looking people directly in the eyes due to personality of cultural reasons, then look just above the eyes or over their shoulders – this will give the optical illusion that you are looking at them. Looking down at the floor or at the ceiling will not give the memorable impression you want to give.

Do not forget that interviews need to be planned, and you need to prepare yourself and practice question answering techniques.  Arriving at an interview well prepared will enhance your confidence and will ensure that your interview is memorable for all the right reasons.


Trish Springsteen

Public Speaking Coach, Mentor & Author at Trischel Pty Ltd
Trish Springsteen Public Speaking Coach, Mentor & Author is Managing Director of “Trischel” and is a member of Women’s Network of Australia and the Australian Institute for Learning Practitioners.

Trish has written and presented a variety of training packages for industry bodies and private companies.She is a professional speaker, MC and author of many articles and books on the importance of speaking, effective communication and training for business, and is a recognised expert in the field of communication training.

Having personally conquered her fear of public speaking Trish is committed to helping business owners and entrepreneurs to increase leads and sales with speaking, communication and training.

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