7 Things You Should Never Do At A Job Interview

what not to do in a job interviewWhat not to do in a job interview in 2016

Securing a job interview these days is quite difficult with the number of jobseekers also vying for the same position. So it’s extremely important to make the most of any opportunity for an interview when it does come along. While most professionals have a general idea of what to do during a job interview, it’s still great to be reminded of what should NEVER be done.

Here are seven things that you should never do during a job interview:

  1. Never be late. First impressions last, so never be late for your job interview. Even if the public transportation you’ve boarded broke down, do your best to still be on time. If you’re derailed due to an emergency, always take time to notify the interviewer and still do your best to make it on time. Don’t ever be tempted to make excuses for your tardiness, remember these people have interviewed hundreds of other jobseekers and have heard it all before.
  2. Never ask about compensation and benefits. Avoid asking about the compensation package the company might offer, remember you’re in the interview to let them know what you can do and not ask what they can do for you. This will show you’re more interested in how much you’ll get paid rather than having a genuine interest in the position. If they do decide to hire you then they’ll present a compensation package for you to go over.
  3. Never use profane language, racial slurs, or inappropriate slangs. Keep your language simple to understand and free of profanity. Also avoid getting into a discussion that may cause them to perceive you as someone who’s racist or someone who discriminates against the opposite sex. Employers want people who works well with others and won’t cause a rift in the workplace.
  4. Never say you don’t have any weakness. Admit to whatever weakness you have, and let them know how you’re trying to overcome it. No one is perfect, and there’s likely one part of your personality that could use a bit of work. Also avoid turning your weakness into something positive as it’ll come off sounding false.
  5. Never lie in a job interview. While it’s okay to want to blow away the interviewer with your skills, it’s not okay to over exaggerate or outright lie about accomplishments. Sooner or later you’ll trip and the interviewer will see through your lies. Companies also spend a bit of time doing a background check on employees so if you lied about any of your accomplishments they’ll still know about it.
  6. Never be ignorant of the company who’s interviewing you for a post. Showing up and asking what the company does is sure to show your ignorance of the industry you want to work in. This will lessen your chances of getting the job and will highlight how unprepared you are for the interview. So do your research days before the interview and learn all there is to know about the company and the industry it’s in.
  7.  Never criticize your former employers. Don’t be overly critical of your previous company or previous boss. This will only show you’ll be doing the same thing if you leave the company who’s still considering you for a job. If you did leave your previous job with a less than amiable relationship between you and your boss, then let the interviewer know the two of you had a difference in opinion and leave it at that.

Remember that a job interview is an opportunity for you to impress your prospective employer. Do your best and show them your best, avoid anything negative that will give them a bad impression of you.


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