Using Recruiters: 6 Things To Get A Recruiter Offside

using-recruitersUsing recruiters to find employment should be a big part of every jobseeker’s strategy.  A recruiter can be your best advocate or your biggest stumbling block.  They will often be the gatekeeper to the companies that you may want to work for so for your own sake don’t get them off side.  You want recruiters to be singing your praises and putting your resume forward for your dream job, not ignoring your calls and cringing at the mere mention of your name.  So what things do you need to avoid doing to ensure that a recruiter thinks you are the perfect candidate? Check out our tips below for putting your best foot forward with recruiters:

1.     Being too personal

Always remember that your relationship with a recruiter is professional no matter how well you get along. This means that you must always speak and behave in a professional manner with all of the interactions that you have with them.

2.     Resume gimmicks

While you may get the attention of a recruiter with a gimmicky resume it may not be the kind of attention that you desire. Using a gimmick with your resume may just backfire and signal to the recruiter that you do not take them or the position you are applying for seriously.

3.     Aggressive behaviour

Always “play nice” with recruiters, after all they hold all the cards and trying to bully them may just get the door that you want to open slammed shut in your face.
Besides aggressive behaviour is not professional and if you think that other recruiters will not hear about you through industry networks if you are difficult to deal with, you may be underestimating how much your negative behaviour can damage your career.

4.     Dishonest

It can be tempting to over-inflate your abilities and work history on your resume especially with the competitive job market that is typical in most industries.  However, resist and be honest about what you have achieved, your skills and where you have worked. Recruiters will check the information on your resume especially if you are seriously being considered for a position.  If they find that you have been lying you will ruin your chances for that and any future positions.

5.       Over anxious

Recruiters are busy people and if you are following up every day about a position that you have applied for you may just annoy the recruiter who has numerous candidates and employers to interact with every day – you are just one of them.  It is the same for new positions. If a recruiter has a position that they think you will be perfect for they will contact you because it is in their best interest to do so.  Stay in touch with a recruiter but don’t be an annoyance after all nobody feels good if they feel they are being stalked.

6.     Sloppy approach

Applying for jobs can be tough we all know that but it is not great form to send out the same cover letter to a number of recruiters can give the impression that you are just not interested. So will wanting to take any position or not spell checking before you send and this is really just a waste of time.  If you are serious about applying for work and more importantly your dream job don’t get in your own way by not taking the time to get it right and show you at your best.

Applying for work via recruiters is very common these days and almost impossible to avoid in most professions. They are charged with the responsibility of finding the best candidates for their clients, your potential employer, so make sure that you make a great impression to improve your chances of securing that job that sounds perfect for you.


Leigh Grigaliunas

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