5 Things That Everyone Should Look For In A Great Company

great companyNavigating and looking for the right fit with workplaces can be a very tough process, so don’t be afraid to find out what the company offers besides money.  Remember companies should be selling you their values and wares as much as you are peddling yours. 

Ensure that the prospective organisations have the same values as you.  Most good hiring processes involve some sort of D.I.S.C personality assessment to find out your exact strengths in your roles and fills them accordingly.  You must also assess these companies to find out what their workplace is like. Do they have a strong culture?   The people at work, are they passionate about what they do?  Do they have things like a culture club?  A social committee ?  Foundations?  Are they transparent?   Do they give back to charities and or strike a balance between work and life?

Here are some things to look out for that every great company should be striving for:

1.   Workspace Follies

Companies that allow for easy communication by rearranging desks that lets teams who need to collaborate be in closer proximity.  A great company is one who doesn’t resist change even as trivial as shuffling desks around.   Instead of having a “bored” room meeting, look for workplaces that allow for meetings to be in different areas of the office not just a designated desk and chairs area.

2.     Commute Killing

The Concept R.O.W.E or “Results Only Work Environment” allows staff to work from pretty much anywhere as long as they produce results.  If the role doesn’t need you to be there for a traditional 9 to 5 workspace why fight traffic every morning to get there?  Great companies recognise that production time and travel time don’t mix.  Simply changing the work hours outside of “peak traffic hours” can add extra hours of productivity to your workplace and help in keeping the office more relaxed.

3.    Recognise, Recognise, Recognise!

A happy employee at work typically wants to be recognised about once a week.  Don’t have time to recognise staff?  At E-web Marketing, one of BRW best workplaces in Australia, members of their staff have a star nomination program every week where employees get to evaluate their peers.  Employees can then trade these stars for a IPhone, MacBook Pro or even a Bugatti Veyron.

4.  Wow everything is so clear!

Look for transparent leaders.  Leaders in some organisations find employee surveys so damaging that they refuse to publish even internally the full results, thereby allowing an employee’s negativity to fester while creating contempt and disengagement.  Mark Rowland, the founder of Style tread would have meetings where employees would discuss their mistakes in front of all their peers and management.  These erroneous staff members would be met with…. Applause?  Great companies do this so that employees don’t have to be afraid of making mistakes, doing so empowers employees to think outside of the box.

5. Work life balance programs

Let’s face it, we all love games!  When a workplace is fun and co-workers not only get along but genuinely like each other, the ensuing by product is a place everyone wants to be.  Casinos utilise the “gaming” aspect of gambling money into chips.  Look for companies that have work life balance programs such as corporate sports competition that forces the employees to come together and do things outside of the office.  Companies that are involved in these programs believe in investing in their company’s number 1 asset, employees.

Doing research on a company beforehand is the best way to find out if a place where you are going to be spending most of your adult life at, can offer you more than just a pay check.  Having all of these things doesn’t necessarily make it a great company, but it sets itself apart from the poor ones that don’t.



Oliver Lee

With a background in working for and raising funds for various non profit organizations, Oliver Lee has always been community orientated. Office Athletes, Founded by Oliver in 2012, provides a level playing field for employees to wear some office pride as they compete against other corporations large and small. Office Athletes gives university students a unique opportunity to network and participate in our events with different organizations. Not surprisingly, registration proceeds are donated back to one of 3 non-profit charity partners.

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